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Safe Fun is Important

Please review our terms and conditions

  • Adults are needed for supervision at all times.

  • Inflatable's need space on grassed area free of stones/sticks.

  • Beware of obstacles from above when jumping.

  • Beware of jumping near entrance way to avoid falling out.

  • People with neck and or back injuries are not permitted to jump on inflatables.

  • No adults may use our KIDS inflatables!

  • Adults only to use equipment labelled for ADULTS.

  • No shoes, jewellery and sharp objects on the inflatables.

  • Do not play on the inflatable whilst it is being inflated or deflated.



  • Titanic Waterslide NOT to use soap of any kind.


  • Ball pond balls may not get wet.

  • In case of rain, kids to leave inflatable so that the blower fan can be switched off and taken indoors. Castles can then be folded over to remain dry for later use.

  • Jumping castles Must be DEFLATED DURING HEAVY WINDS to prevent danger to persons and damage to equipment. Damage occurring because the jumping castles was not deflated (and packed away) due to heavy wind will not be covered under Acts of God. Wind (like rain) is a reality in Cape Town. The onus of safe use of equipment lies with the person/persons/company hiring/using this equipment.

  • Popcorn machines may use hot oil, and should only be used by adults.

  • Candy Floss machines can cause injury and should only be used by adults.

  • Trains (both Thomas and Green) are only for use by children between the ages of 1yrs-2.5yrs (under 14kgs) with adult supervision.

  • Remember equipment is not suitable for rough play!

  • Castles using ropes need to be kept securely fastened at all times.



Take Note of Legal Terms and Conditions: 

By signing the AGREEMENT:

  • You thereby agree that you are responsible for any theft, damage and or breakages of goods hired whilst they are in your possession.

  • You agree to pay all costs associated with full replacement and or repair of above hired goods.

  • You have taken note of the safety criteria above, both for the safe use of the equipment and for the safety of any persons using this equipment whilst in your possession.

  • You acknowledge the possibility of injury and will provide adult supervision at all times according to verbal and or written instructions.

  • You agree to pay all reasonable legal costs incurred by us when enforcing our terms and conditions above.



Payments/Breakages Deposit and Refunds:

Bookings are made telephonically. We require at least a 50% payment deposit of the Hire Fee when booking. Onus is on you to provide proof of payment by date specified when booking. Disappointments spoil special days. Deposits on bookings are non-refundable.

Hire Fee is paid via EFT (electronic transfer). If the Hire Fee is not paid in full then the remainder is to be paid in cash to the driver upon delivery. Please remember to use your name and party date as your banking reference. It is always a good idea to keep a printed copy of your proof of payment. 

All our items carry a R500 or R1500 cash Breakages Deposit. This can be paid via EFT along with your Hire Fee. In this case the Breakages Deposit will be refunded to you in full on the following Monday (also via EFT) providing goods collected are in a clean and undamaged condition. 


SCHOOLS, CHURCHES,PUBLIC VENUES and larger bookings will be subject to Breakages Deposit of R1500.  This will function in the same way and subject to all the above specifications.

Should you choose- you may pay the Breakages Deposit of R500 or R1500 in cash to the driver upon delivery, along with any outstanding Hire Fees. In this case the Breakages Deposit will be refunded to you in full upon collection providing goods collected are in a clean and undamaged condition. 

In the event of cancellation the Breakages Deposit only will be refunded in full. We do not give refunds on payments or payment deposits of the Hire Fees made when booking. Due to limited quantities bookings on Generators cannot be amended/cancelled.   Bookings cancelled within 72 hrs of the event are subject to full payment.

Date changes/ postponements can only be accommodated if at least two weeks notice is given and if the items are still available on that date. Bookings maybe postponed up to 6 weeks from party date. Deposits can be used in full or in part on the original item or any other available item.

Please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions.

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